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Demistifying the Tax Mythconception Ontario and Quebec

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MYTHCONCEPTION #1: Municipal assessments are final - home owners cannot contest this decision.

It surprises me how often I discover that homeowners are not aware that they can appeal the municipal evaluation of their home's value. Yes, a homeowner can actually appeal the municipal's assessement of their home, which direclty impacts the amount of property taxes they have to pay as well as the market price they can ask from buyers.

One article that speaks to this is titled Real estate taxes in Canada: Protests on unbalanced rates by Kenneth V. Smith

According to Mr. Smith, "Less than one percent of Quebec property owners appeal" their cities' assessments of their properties' values compared to higher percentages in other provinces. See article here.

If you feel that your property has an unfair municipal evaluation relative to other comparable properties in your neighbourhood, then double-check with the appropriate expert and your city to see whether there is ground for appeal. It may make the difference in the resale of your home down the road - and yes, your property taxes will be directly impacted by any modification in the municipal evaluation.

MYTHCONCEPTION #2: It is not financially feasible to move to Quebec due to higher income taxes

Let's be frank from the beginning on this subject: YES, income tax in Quebec within certain marginal income tax brackets are indeed higher than Ontario. Always check with your accountant to understand the impact on YOU.

However, there is another point of view which is seldom explored and merits consideration and serious reflection:

The price differentials in home prices between, say, Ottawa and Gatineau/Aylmer/Hull can vary anywhere sufficiently to the point that the savings realized can more than outweigh the income tax differences. Given a property located at the same difference from Ottawa downtown to Ottawa suburbia and Ottawa downtown to Gatineau/Hull/Aylmer, providing comparable features, the probabilities are that you will get "more home" for your money on the Quebec side or on the other side of the river. The amount saved for more home can possibly outweigh the higher income tax paid in Quebec.

With this said, do your research thoroughly with the aid of a real estate agent, an accountant or tax lawyer to see how the differences translate in your favour or not before writing off Quebec, because the lifestlyes and price differences across the river are pretty amazing and worthwhile exploring!

MYTHCONCEPTION #3: I don't speak sufficient French to move over to Quebec

Aylmer is one of the rare Canadian models bringing together bilingualism and Franco-Anglo communities and multiculturalism in a most successful way. It's proximity to Ottawa and its attractiveness to out-of-province residents has formed this unique sector. French language and culture as well as english speaking residents live in harmony.

Hull, especially its most sought after neighbourhood, Le Plateau, also provides great community living for francophones and anglophones as well as multiculturalism. This area is a definite must to explore!

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